Meet Harry Lowenstein, a 4th generation jeweler and a master goldsmith.
Harry Lowenstein

Harry is a 4th generation master goldsmith. He learned the jewelry trade in his father’s workshop in Johannesburg, South Africa. Although he showed a natural ability for what he was doing, he is extremely thankful for having had the opportunity to learn the trade from many talented craftsmen in that workshop and elsewhere.

Meet Eva Lowenstein, who is a part of Team Affinity at Affinity & Co Jewelers.
Eva Lowenstein

Eva evolved slowly into the jewelry business so that she could spend time raising a young family. Although this is not the profession she originally trained for, she has become an integral part of the business. She knows many of our customers by name and will do whatever she can to make everyone feel at home.

Meet David Walker, a graduate gemologist who can help you find the jewelry you need.
David Walker

David trained at GIA and is a graduate gemologist. He has a wonderful knowledge of gemstones and minerals which he loves to share. Having grown up around his father’s retail jewelry business, he developed an affinity for fine jewelry and watches.